This is a terrible company! They pretend to be the hotel and over charge rooms with no refund.

Do not use. What a scam!!!!!!!!!

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We apologize for this experience. As you can see with all our customers' reviews, our Service Resolutions Team reviews each case and attempts to assist further if possible.

However, if you do not provide your booking #, that cannot be done.

After multiple attempts of reaching out to you in an effort to try to assist further, we will close this case due to no response from customer. Sincerely, Getaroom


Hello, We apologize for your experience and would like to try to assist further. However, without a booking or reference #, that cannot be done.

Our goal, as with all our online customer's reviews, is to improve the customer service experience and the posting. Once you provide a booking # via this site, a Service Resolutions Specialist will review this case.

Thank you. Kind regards, getaroom

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