Traveler BEWARE. They scam you.

The getaroom agent lied to me. Flat out lied about the type of room I got (said it was a one bedroom and it was NOT) AND that the hotel was operating at 50% capacity for safety. Both were lies. I contacted webbeds.com (company who books) and getaroom.com Neither company cared at all.

I was on hold off and on with getaroom for 30 minutes with a rep named Reg who repeatedly refused to get her manager. She also lied. She said her manager wanted to know what I was reporting and her mgr needed to know. Then she finally said her mgr would call me back because he was busy.

I asked her how many mgrs were working at the time. She said one. So I asked her which is it? A woman or a man mgr?

She just would lie to lie? Shady and unprofessional operation. And my hotel is a nice resort and spa. Terrible representation.

Be very careful.

I asked all the right questions and the people selling/booking the rooms were very believable. They scam you.tB

User's recommendation: stay away from booking through them.

Location: Lebanon, Pennsylvania

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Why people still use these third parties for booking a room, I’ll never understand.

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