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I called Day Inns Uptown Victoria BC via the number on their website, representative of the answered the call. I agreed to have her book 2 rooms, for 3 people each.

A few days later I called back to add another room. The representative told me there is no additional room available, but suggested to book 3 rooms in Ramada Inn a block from Days Inn. I agreed to have this guy reserve 3 rooms for me and also cancelled the rooms reserved with Days Inn. every thing went well and Ramada Inn stay is ok.

When I came back home checking on my credit card statement, there is charge of one room from Days Inn. I called customer service of to work on getting my money back from Days Inn, and the lady on the phone said she will contact with Days Inn to pardon this no show and refund the cost. A few days later I called back to follow up, she said the Days Inn did not approve the refund. I agued back and forth that it was the mistake of the representative not to cancel both rooms with Days Inn.

So she agreed to give me the refund and it will take a few days to show on my credit card statement. The following week I got a call from a lady who said she is the customer service supervisor. She talked to me to forget the refund because she could not find any reason that is her employee mistake since I did not tell the reservation number. Actually I never told my other reservation number but only my full name, and both reservation of the room should pop up on his/her screen.

I decided to call the hotel directly asking to speak to a supervisor. He told me that the never contacted him. He said he does not mind giving back the refund, but he cannot give it to me directly. someone from the needs to call him.

I called customer service to call Days Inn and spoke to the man. Just a few minutes the lady in customer service give me reference number for the refund and a few days later I saw a credit on my visa statement. Even though every thing is ok after a few weeks of anger and I got my money back, I want to inform other travelers not to deal with the

Most of their employees are not honest. They look for ways to keep the customer money.

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