I am traveling for work. I booked a room through this service thinking I was speaking directly to the hotel staff, there was no mention that I was booking through a third party vendor when I spoke to the booking agent.

When I got to the hotel to check in, they did not have my reservation. Getaroom charged me a higher rate than the hotel would have and I had prepaid so I ended up having to pay for a room to the hotel as well. As a requirement for reimbursement through my work organization I have to submit a receipt with a zero balance at the bottom. The email receipt I received from Getaroom shows how much I paid but does not show a zero balance at the bottom.

This is not usually a problem for a hotel but since I unknowingly purchased through this third party vendor it was apparently an unresolvable problem. Getaroom generates a receipt and emails it directly to you but they evidently have no control over corrections or different formats for the receipt. I spoke to their customer service and to the supervisor. I even asked if they could just provide a letter saying they could not produce a zero balance receipt with their software.

They made no concessions and did not even try to provide a solution.

I happened upon their phone number by clicking a link to call the hotel through the hotels page on Trip Advisor. I will be making a complaint to Trip Advisor as well.

The link made it seem like I was contacting the hotel directly. The whole thing is disingenuous and deceitful.

Now Ive paid for the same hotel room twice and can only get reimbursement through my work for the lower cost paid directly to the hotel because Getaroom has terrible customer service and poor communication with their hotel contacts.

User's recommendation: Avoid this company.

Getaroom Cons: Fees tacked on, Poor customer service, Undisclosed fees and scam.

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Please know that we do take our customers' reviews very seriously. In follow-up, as you did not provide a booking number, we cannot work toward a favorable resolution.

We will note this case as closed due to no reply from customer. If you change your mind and wish for assistance, please provide your booking number as requested on this review platform.

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We apologize for the negative experience with your online booking. Your noted booking reference number will need to be provided so that a Service Resolutions Specialist can review this and reach out to you directly.

Thank you. Sincerely, Getaroom

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