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TRAVELER BEWARE!!! I’ve been traveling both domestically and internationally for business and leisure for well over 30 years and have even managed a small travel group within a privately-owned company, and NEVER have I had an experience that was so bad that I wanted to warn people just to ‘STAY AWAY”.

GETAROOM.COM is the worst of the worst.

While I could go on with the details of my nightmare with them (literally hours on the phone) – the reason that I post this is because their booking and cancelation policies are SO dishonest and SO misleading. Please take heed and consider another booking tool. You will likely find equal or even lower rates elsewhere and then you won’t have the worry of dealing with a very shady company.

$600 US to some may be nothing to some, but to me – it cost me my husband’s surprise weekend birthday getaway. If you book with them, just KNOW that you will likely never see your refund if you need to cancel no matter what you agree to online or by phone.

Location: Venice, Florida

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