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I was charged $50 more than the normal room rate for "additional fees"! I have lost all respect for Frommers for rating this as a "Best Hotel Booking Site".

They must not have read any of the comments on this site. Ironically when I went on Frommers they performed a survey 2 years ago and selected the 10 best sites. Surprise, Getaroom was not included on the list even though its promnatly displayed at the very top of Getaroom website. Perhaps Frommers is completely unaware they're using this claim.

Regardless someone is making a lot of money from unsuspecting guests.

I will not be one in the future. Total rip off!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Getaroom Room Booking.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

I didn't like: Deception.

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I had the same experience - only my additional charge was $170.00 on a $329 hotel room! The additional charge did not appear until after I paid. I'm going to be asking my credit card company to dispute this based on the fact that the $170 charge was not approved by me and therefore this additional charge is fraudulent.I asked a manager of to provide me with a breakdown of the fees in order to find out if there were any legit fees involved, but no response.

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