I made a reservation back in January for Trump International in Vegas. Just recently I needed to make a change from a king to two queens.

I honestly thought I had made the reservation directly with the hotel but turns out it was through getaroom! The site I made the reservation through looked just like the hotel and the site name was something like trumpinternationahotels/guest reservations (not exact but makes you think you are dealing directly with the hotel).

So a couple of days ago I called Trump International and they couldn't change my room because, shockingly, it turns out I had not made the reservation through them. So I called the number I found on my original email and found out it was getaroom and they were less than helpful, and obviously would not change the room. GRRRRRR....

I hate people sometimes. So deceptive.

Not only that, after reading other's complaints, I look at my receipt which is supposed to be "paid in full" and I notice that the "tax recovery fee" was $125 on a $302 bill. Initially, I had noticed that amount and thought it was the taxes and resort fees for the hotel. That made perfect sense.

Now I find out that I will still have to pay the resort fee too! So now to I'll be hit with the resort fees on top of the outrageous tax fees. These people are criminals pure and simple.

I would cancel and make new reservations but as I understand it they charge an exorbitant cancellation fee to do so. Shut these people down and throw them in jail.

User's recommendation: Be so careful about the site you are making reservations through. Getaroom does not put their name on the page and they make it look like you are booking directly with the hotel. Then they charge you ridiculous fees that you might think are resort fees and taxes but they're just money in their pockets and you either can't cancel or have to pay a huge fee to cancel.

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

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